Thursday, March 4, 2010

cloth diaper

Why i use cloth diaper on Ali?
1) Sajer jer nak try benda baru
2) Nak jimat duit in the long run, walaupun initial investment nak beli cd membuat saya berkira-kira dan berfikir byk kali.
3) To find out betul ke pakai cd ni selamat- baby tak rashes?
3) i guess this is the least i can do to save the earth.

i have used several brands of CDs. Here's my take on them.According to my rank of preferences.
1) Lunatots
  • Outlook - colourful and vibrant
  • not easily leaking
  • jahitan kemas
  • not too bulky when Ali wears it
2) Coola Baby
  • Outlook-nice
  • no leaking
  • jahitan kemas
  • not bulky....just ok
3) KasihSayangku (KS)
  • outlook- ok
  • leaking-no
  • stitches-fine
  • bulky
  • i don't like its valcro...big and squarish
  • the PUL is thick
  • size slightly bigger-good
  • outlook-interesting
  • leaking-yes..dekat tepi and the outer of d CD
  • stitches - poor
  • bulky
  • bila pakai lama-lama outer PUL basah
this is just my personal opinion based on my experience wearing it on my child. no intention of influencing or bad-naming brands.after 3 months of cd-ing, i can say that:
  • cd-wearing is good because ali doesn't have rashes problem compared to wearing disposables
  • some people say, the washing is tedious...oh well, it's just a process in order to save money...just like breastfeeding
  • jimat....jimat la jugak walaupun skrg ni belum lagi fully cd-ing.

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